Walnut Tree, Loose, Maidstone

Events at the Walnut Tree

A heart of the community local, The Walnut Tree is very much the centre of events in Loose, hosting a regular raft of entertainment each month.

There’s a quiz night here on the last Friday of every month, karaoke every third week in the month, and a jam/open mic session every second Friday of the month. Like our Facebook page or check our blackboards for details.

Always generating a great atmosphere, our jam sessions invite everyone to come along and join in. Even if you don't own your own instrument, you can borrow one of the band’s - and if you don’t play an instrument, you can always sing!

Every Sunday, there’s also an acoustic guitar jamming session here at 7.30pm, for which you can again bring your own guitar or borrow one.

Of course, you’re perfectly welcome simply to come along and listen over a pint, too.

Indeed, the less musical may be more interested in joining our sports teams. Ask at the bar for more details of our petanque, darts, poker and football teams, or even start a new sport of your own!